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     oneysuckle Events was born from a love of nature and passion for flowers.  "Honeysuckle" is a nod to growing up in Virginia, spending summers running barefoot in the sunlight, stopping to taste the sweet nectar of what life has to offer.

Your wedding day is one of these sweet "Honeysuckle"

moments in life.  A moment so perfect that you want to

stand still in time so that you can absorb every bit of

magic and feel every ounce of love that surrounds


With flowers,  we create an atmosphere

that evokes emotion.  It's an experience for your

guests; one they can see, touch, smell and above

all, FEEL.  

We create beautiful "Honeysuckle" 

moments through floral design from the mountains of

Virginia to the coast of North Carolina.  Wherever your love 

may take you, Honeysuckle can follow.


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