helley was born and raised in Bedford, Virginia at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She had an idyllic childhood in “small town America” and went on to study Biology at Longwood University.


Shelley made her first trip to the Outer Banks during college and it pulled her in from the start. She spent several summers here before she made the move to full time and now considers the Outer Banks as much her home as Virginia.


Shelley has always loved nature and grew up taking long walks in the woods, collecting all sorts of things… moss, acorns, turtle shells, anything that would fit in her pockets or that her dad would be willing to carry. Now, she takes long walks on the beach searching for shells, driftwood, and seaglass.  Nature provides endless inspiration.


She spends her days with her yorkies, Winston and Weezie, who are by her side (or at her feet) as she designs all her proposals or works in her garden.  In her free time, she enjoys hot yoga and reading a good book with her toes in the sand.  


Her love of nature and passion for the outdoors is what spurred Shelley to start Honeysuckle Events. She gets to work with flowers, create beauty, and make people happy. She hasn't forgotten to stop and smell the roses either and doesn't think she’ll ever get tired of walking into a room full of flowers and taking a deep breath. What could be better than that?


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